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Hey beautiful, I'm Iza, 21 years old.
I'm an Insanity, P90X and now T25 graduate, currently doing the optional Gamma Phase.

Simply frozen mango + frozen blueberries.

{ are you ready? }
"You didn’t just lose weight.
The weight was incomparable.
Incomparable to the hair,
The bone density and the passion.
Incomparable to the smile on your face and the glimmer in your eyes.
Totally irrelevant, in comparison to the nails and the teeth; even the nutrients in your blood slowly wasted away until your heart could barely beat.
That little heart kept fighting, for you, though.
It struggled on beat by beat and so should you.
Why? Because there’s no adulation in anorexia.
There’s no congratulations or looks of admiration. There are just blank stares from the people who once knew you, looking at your broken shell.
There’s no fucking medal or badge of honour. It’s not impressive.
But what is impressive? Standing tall, healthy and proud, saying ‘yes, I have anorexia nervosa. But it doesn’t have me anymore’."

Remember what it took from you. (via untanglingamy)

the tears are real right now

(via banana-soul)

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